We are sorry to say that we will no longer have water plants in our selection at Larry's Bellevue Gardens. But we do have an alternative for you! We have been getting our supply of plants and water lilies from Stienie's Water Plants in Two Rivers. It's a leisurely 35 minute drive from East Green Bay. It is located 6 minutes south of Mishicot. It's worth the drive. The staff at Steinie's is knowledgeable and can answer all your questions. They have water plants and koi that are sure to love your water gardens. Please visit their website for further information..

The following class descriptions are intended as general guidelines.

Floaters: Floaters are unique plants that do not need any pots or soil to grow. Simply add them to a pond and let them leisurely float along the surface. Floaters are heavy feeders and remove excess nutrients from the water which will keep the water clean.
Hardy Waterlilies: Water Lilies are a wonderfully decorative addition to any water garden and will bloom throughout the growing season. To create a well shaded pond, 60% of the pond should be covered with foliage.
Marginals: Marginals are perfect for pond borders and as transitional plants between the pond and the other garden plants. The possibilities are endless, considering the many heights, textures and colors.

***Please Note*** In 2016, Floaters - Water Hyacinths and Lettuce can no longer be provided as these items have been put on the state invasive species list.

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