Vegetable & Herb Plants

Our garden ready vegetable and herb transplants are proven, high performance varieties. You will find a nice selection of the best tomato, pepper, vine crops, cold crops and herb varieties you can grow in your garden. If you like variety, choose one of our very popular vegetable and herb collections. No matter which varieties or collections you choose, we're sure you'll be pleased and we guarantee it!

We offer several types of vegetables and herbs in our greenhouse.
All types of vegetable and herb plants are displayed below.

Items listed below subject to stock availability. This is the 2017 season list below.

* denotes seeded by Larry's Bellevue Gardens

Herb Variety
Balm Lemon
Basil Lemon
Basil Genovese (Sweet Basil)
Basil Purple Ruffles
Basil Siam Queen
Basil Spicy Globe
Basil Sweet Dani
Basil Sweet Italian Lrg Leaf
Chives Garlic Allium
Chives Onion Allium
Cilantro/Coriander - Santos
Cilantro Vietnamese
Cilantro Coriander Common
Dill Bouquet
Dill Fernleaf
Fennel (Florence)
Lavender (French)
Lavender (Munstead var.)
Lemon Grass
Lemon Verbena
Marjoram Common
Mint Corsican Mini
Mint Mojito
Mint Peppermint
Mint Spearmint
Oregano (Common)
Oregano Hot and Spicy
Oregano Greek
Oregano Italian
Parsley Italian Dark Green Plain
Parsley Triple Curled
Rosemary Officinalis Taurensis
Sage (Common)
Sage Tricolor
Savory, Summer Sature
Tarragon, French
Thyme (Common)
Thyme Lemon
Thyme Golden Lemon (Varigated)
Fruits & Vegetables
Species Variety
Arugula * Arugula
Aspargus Mary Washington
Broccoli * Castle Dome
Brussel Sprouts * Jade Cross E
Cabbage * Danish Ball Head
Cabbage * Golden Acre (Early)
Cabbage * Late Flat Dutch
Cabbage * Ruby Perfection
Cabbage * Savoy King
Cantaloupe * Hale’s Best Jumbo
Cantaloupe * Heart of Gold
Cauliflower * Early Snowball
Celery * Giant Pascal
Chives * Garlic Allium
Chives * Onion Allium
Cucumber * Burpless Garden Sweet
Cucumber * Homemade Pickling
Cucumber * Market More 76 (Slicing)
Cucumber * SMR58 (Pickling)
Cucumber * Space Master 80 (Slicing)
Cucumber * Straight 8 (Slicing)
Eggplant * Black Beauty (Dusky)
Eggplant * Kermit
Eggplant * Long Purple
Eggplant * Millionaire
Ground Cherries Ground Cherry/Yellow Husk
Honeydew * Honeydew (105D)
Kale Edible * Black Magic
Kale Edible * Red Russian
Kale Edible * Redbor
Kohlrabi * Kossak
Kohlrabi * Purple Vienna
Kohlrabi * White Viennia
Leek * American Flag
Lettuce * Blend Gourmet
Lettuce * Buttercrunch Bibb
Lettuce * Cimmaron
Lettuce * Great Lakes
Lettuce * Iceburg
Lettuce * Mesculim Mix
Lettuce * Salad Bowl
Onions Plants * Candy
Onions Plants * Red Beauty
Onions Plants * Spanish Sweet White
Onions Plants * Spanish Sweet Yellow
Onions Plants * Walla Walla
Pak Choi Joi Choi
Parsley Italian Dark Green Plain
Parsley Triple Curled
Pepper Hot * Anaheim Chili (40,000)
Pepper Hot * Ancho/Poblano (1500)
Pepper Hot * Cajun Belle (100-1000)
Pepper Hot * Caribbean Red Hot (200,000+)
Pepper Hot * Cayenne Long Slim (10,000)
Pepper Hot * Chile De Arbol (50-60,000)
Pepper Hot * Garden Salsa (1500-2500)
Pepper Hot * Ghost (1,000,000)
Pepper Hot * Habenero (200,000)
Pepper Hot * Hungarian Wax (2000-4000)
Pepper Hot * Jalapeno (3500-6000)
Pepper Hot * Mulato Isleno (2500-3000)
Pepper Hot * Pepperoncini (0-500)
Pepper Hot * Poblano/Ancho (1,500)
Pepper Hot * Red Chili (2500-4000)
Pepper Hot * Serrano Tampiqueno (6000-23,000)
Pepper Hot * Super Red Chili (40,000)
Pepper Hot * Tabasco (30,000-50,000)
Pepper Hot * Thai Hot (50,000-100,000)
Pepper Hot * Thia Super Chili (75,000-100,000)
Pepper Hot * Trinidad Scorpion (1.5-2 mil.)
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Bell Admiral
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Bell Chocolate Beauty
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Bell North Star (Green)
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Bell Patio Tasty Red
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Bell Red Knight (Red)
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Bell Tasty Orange
Pepper Sweet/Mild* California Wonder
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Cubanelle
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Giant Marconi
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Golden California Wonder
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Italian Green Frying
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Red Sweet Cherry
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Spanish Spice
Pepper Sweet/Mild* Sweet Banana
Pumpkins * Howden (12x15" Orange)
Pumpkins * Jack O’ Lantern/Halloween (8x14)
Pumpkins * Jack-Be-Little (2x3 Orange)
Pumpkins * Lumina (8x10 Wht)
Pumpkins * Magic Lantern
Pumpkins * Red Warty Thing (13")
Pumpkins * Small Sugar/Spirit (8x10 Orange)
Pumpkins * Wee Bee Little
Raspberry Plants Fall Gold (Gold Everbearing)
Raspberry Plants Heritage (Red Everbearing)
Rhubarb Plants Victoria
Squash * Buttercup Burgess
Squash * Festival Sweet Dumpling
Squash * Gourd-Large Mix
Squash * Gourd-Small Mix
Squash Acorn * Table King Acorn (Bush)
Squash Acorn * Table Queen
Squash Spachetti Tivoli
Squash Butternut * Waltham
Strawberry Everbearing Fort Laramie
Strawberry Everbearing Ozark Beauty
Strawberry Junebearing Honeoye
Sweet Potato Vine Beauregard (Edible)
Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Tomatillo * Tomatillo - Toma Verde
Tomato Cherry * Black Cherry (IND)
Tomato Cherry * SunSugar (IND .5oz)
Tomato Cherry * Supersweet 100 (IND 1oz)
Tomato Cherry Heirloom * Red Cherry Large
Tomato Grape * Juliet (IND 1oz)
Tomato Grape Heirloom * Yellow Pear (IND)
Tomato Patio * Patio (DET 3-4oz)
Tomato Sauce * Big Mama (IND 8-10oz)
Tomato Sauce * SuperSauce (up to 2lbs)
Tomato Sauce Heirloom * Amish Paste (IND 8-12oz)
Tomato Sauce Heirloom * Cuor Di Bue (IND 8oz)
Tomato Sauce - Heirloom * Roma (DET 2oz)
Tomato Sauce - Heirloom * San Marzano (IND)
Tomato Slicing * Beef Master (IND 1-2lbs)
Tomato Slicing * Better Boy (IND 10oz)
Tomato Slicing * Big Beef (IND)
Tomato Slicing * Big Zac (IND 4-6lbs)
Tomato Slicing * Burpee Big Boy (IND 1lb)
Tomato Slicing * Celebrity (DET 8oz)
Tomato Slicing * Chef's Choice Green
Tomato Slicing * Chef's Choice Orange
Tomato Slicing * Early Girl (IND 4-6oz)
Tomato Slicing * Fourth of July (IND 4oz)
Tomato Slicing * Health Kick (DET 4oz)
Tomato Slicing * HyBeef (9oz)
Tomato Slicing * Jetstar (IND 12-16oz low Acid)
Tomato Slicing * Lemon Boy (IND 7-8oz Low Acid)
Tomato Slicing * Mountain Fresh (DET 8-16oz)
Tomato-Heirloom * Black Russian/Krim (IND 10-16oz)
Tomato-Heirloom * Boxcar Willie (IND 10-16oz)
Tomato-Heirloom * Brandywine (IND 1lb+)
Tomato-Heirloom * Campbells (DET 7oz)
Tomato-Heirloom * Cherokee Purple (IND)
Tomato-Heirloom * German Johnson (IND 8-16oz)
Tomato-Heirloom * Golden Jubilee (IND 6-7oz)
Tomato-Heirloom * Green Zebra (IND 3oz)
Tomato-Heirloom * Homestead (Semi DET 12-14oz)
Tomato-Heirloom * Kosovo
Tomato-Heirloom * Mortgage Lifter (IND 4lbs Low Acid)
Tomato-Heirloom * Mr Stripey (IND Low Acid)
Tomato-Heirloom * Oxheart (IND up to 2lbs)
Tomato-Heirloom * Rutgers (DET up to 8oz)
Tomato-Heirloom * Persimmon (IND 12oz-2#)
Tomato-Heirloom * Rutgers
Tomato-Heirloom * Siberian (DET 5oz)
Tomato-Heirloom * Stupice (IND 2" Fruit)
Tomato-Heirloom * White Wonder Light (IND 1-2#)
Tomato-Heirloom * Wisconsin 55 (IND 8oz)
Watermelon * Crimson Sweet
Watermelon * Sugar Baby
Zucchini * Golden Delight (7-8”)
Zucchini Jackpot Green (8”)
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Old Garden Seed Many Varieties