Wide Range Assortments of Roses

Select from a large variety of stunning roses. We have bush roses from the Grandiflora, Tea, Floribunda, Bush and Groundcover categories along with beautiful climbers. Week’s Roses have been tested hardy for our Wisconsin temperatures and with little or no winter care, ready to give years of enjoyment. We chose varieties based on color appeal, fragrance, and with pest and disease resistance.

Classes of Roses

The thousands of varieties of roses available today are broken down into rose classes, according to their history, parentage, and growth habits. As roses freely produce varied offspring, the class lines sometimes overlap, and many roses can be placed in more than one class.

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The following class descriptions are intended as general guidelines.

Climbers: Roses whose long canes can be trained along fences or walls, variable in flower size, form and mature habit.
Floribunda:Medium sized flowers mostly borne in clusters, often more compact in habit, medium length stems.
Grandiflora: Large flowers borne in clusters, usually taller in habit, individual stems within each cluster are suitable for cutting.
Ground Covers: Roses with more spreading habits and good disease resistance that canb e utilized in the landscape to achieve low growing mass plantings.
Hybrid Tea: Large flowers generally borne one per stem, medium to tall in habit, long cutting stems.
Shrub: Free-blooming plants with differing flower size & form, broadly varying in mature size but of full bushy attractive habit, usually good disease resistance & hardiness, mostly grown on their own.

Items listed below subject to stock availabilty. This is the 2017 season list below.

Rose Bush Varieties
Rose varieties Class Flower Color Fragrance Height/Habit
America Climber Even Coral Pink Strong Spicy Climbing canes 10-12 ft
Blaze Improved Climber Pure Even Red Light Tea Climbing canes 12-14 ft
Candy Land Climber Rosy Pink Striped w/Ivory Yellow Moderate Apple Climbing Canes 10-12ft
Colorific Floribunda Salmon Blend Blushing Scarlet Mild Fruity Medium-Tall/Upright & Bushy
Doris Day Floribunda Pure Even Gold Yellow Strong Fruity & Sweet Spice Medium/Upright Bushy
Easy To Please NEW Floribunda Fuchsia Pink w/Lighter Reverse Mod. Clove w/Hints of Cinnamon Medium-Tall/Upright
Julia Child O/R Floribunda Butter Gold Strong Licorice Candy & Spice Medium/Very Rounded & Bushy
Ketchup & Mustard Floribunda Red and Yellow Bicolor Mild Medium/rounded & Bushy
Livin' Easy O/R Floribunda Apricot Orange Blend Moderate Fruity Medium/Rounded
Sparkle & Shine Floribunda Sparkling Clear Yellow Moderate Fruity Medium/Rounded, Bushy
Tuscan Sun Floribunda Brilliant Orange Scarlet Mild Medium-Low/ Rounded
Violet's Pride NEW Floribunda Lavender w/ a Magenta Heart Strong Grapefruit, Fruity, Hints of Spice Medium/Rounded & Bushy
Anna's Promise NEW Grandiflora Golden Tan & Pink Blush w/Copper Reverse Moderate Fruity w/Slight Spices Medium/ Very Rounded & Bushy
Dick Clark Grandiflora Cream & Cherry Blushed Burgundy Moderate Cinnamon Spice Medium-Tall/Broadly Rounded & Bushy
Dream Come True Grandiflora Golden Yellow Edged & Blushed w/Ruby Mild Tea Tall/Upright & Bushy
Fragrant Plum Grandiflora Lavender Blushing Purple Strong Fruity Tall/Upright
Gold Medal Grandiflora Golden Yellow Suffused Orange Rich Fruity Very Tall/Upright
Happy Go Lucky Grandiflora Pure Yellow Moderate Fruity & Tea Medium-Tall/Upright to Rnded, Bushy
Melody Parfume’e Grandiflora Plum Heavy Old Rose V5' Tall/Upright, Bushy
Miss Congeniality Grandiflora White w/Pink Picotee Moderate Sweet Pear w/Hint of Spice Tall/Upright
Octoberfest Grandiflora Blended Autumnal Colors Moderate Fruity Tall/Upright
Radiant Perfume Grandiflora Deep Yellow Strong Rose & Fruit Medium/Spreading
Rock & Roll Grandiflora Burgundy & Cream Striped Bicolor Strong Rose & Fruit Medium/Upright & Full
Twilight Zone Grandiflora Deep Velvet Purple Strong Clove & Spice Medium/Rnded to Slightly Spreading
Red Ribbons O/R Groundcover Bright Lasting Red Light Medium-Low/Spreading
All My Loving NEW Hybrid Tea Light Red to Dark Pink Moderate Tea w/Slight Spice Tall Upright-Slighty Spreading
Barbara Streisand Hybrid Tea Rich Lavender Blushing Darker Strong Rose & Citrus Blossom Medium/Upright, Bushy
Chrysler Imperial Hybrid Tea Velvety Dark Red Strong Damask Rose Medium/Upright
Firefighter Hybrid Tea Dusky Velvet Red Instense Old Rose Medium-Tall/Slightly Spreading
Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Orange-Red Strong Sweet Spice & Rose Medium/Bushy
Good As Gold Hybrid Tea Deep Golden Orange-Yellow Grapefruit and Citrus Tall/Upright & Bushy
Lasting Love Hybrid Tea Dusky Red Rich Pure Rose Medium/Upright
Pope John Paul II NEW Hybrid Tea Pure White Strong Citrus Blossom Medium-Tall, Upright, Bushy
Pretty Lady Rose NEW Hybrid Tea Dark Even Pink Moderately Strong Peony w/Spice Medium/Upright, Compact
Smokin' Hot Hybrid Tea Dk Orange w/Purple Smoke w/White Reverse Moderate Tea & Spice Medium/Upright
Veterans Honor Hybrid Tea Bright Red Light Medium-Tall/Upright
Edith's Darling O/R NEW Shrub Soft Apricot w/Lighter Edge Strong Fresh Cut Apple & Fruity Short, Upright, & Bushy
Home Run O/R Shrub Showy Flame Red Slight Medium/Rounded & Bushy
Home Run Pink O/R Shrub Velvety Warm Pink Slight Medium/Rounded & Bushy
Knock Out O/R Shrub Light Red to Deep Pink Light Tea Medium/Rounded & Bushy
Knockout Double O/R Shrub Deep Pink/Light Red None Medium/Compact & Rounded
Knockout Pink Double O/R Shrub Medium Flat Pink None Medium/Rounded & Bushy
Knockout Pink O/R Shrub Medium Pink Mild Medium/Rounded & Bushy
Take It Easy Shrub Red w/Lighter Reverse and w/Eye Slight Medium-Low/ Slightly Spreading
Children's Hope O/R New Shrub Polyantha Medium Red w/Lighter Smoke Edges Slight Tea to Fruity Medium-Low

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