Perennials is a term that describes what many gardeners and homeowners strive for, which is a plant that comes back every spring. There are perennial plants that can meet just about every need a landscape has. Perennials range from low growing plants to tall growing plants, from those that produce colorful flowers to those that provide visual pleasure with glowing seed heads, such as those exhibited by some ornamental grasses. Perennial gardens need to be planted only once. The perennial garden can contain plants that flower, plants with colorful leaves and foliage, and low growing ground covers for that especially shady spot.

Perennials tend to die back to the ground each winter. Perennial plants generally have fewer major problems than annuals and are sustainable with lower care and maintenance needs. Blooming perennials tend to average about 3 weeks of bloom time so choosing plants with attractive structure and foliage and flowers will enhance your landscape for years to come. We offer an extensive list of perennials for various needs below.

Items listed below subject to stock availability. This is the 2017 season list below.

Name Common Name Variety
Achillea NEW Yarrow Moonshine (Yellow)
Agastache NEW Hyssop, Anise Sunset Hyssop Rupestis (Orange)
Alcea Rosea Hollyhock Summer Carnival Mix
Allium NEW Ornamental Onion Medusa (G1)
Aquilegia Columbine Music Red & Gold
Aquilegia NEW Columbine Winky Double Dark Blue & White
Armeria NEW Sea Thrift, Sea Pink Splendens
Asclepias Butterfly Milkweed Butterfly Flower (Orange)
Asclepias Butterfly Milkweed Common Milkweed
Aster Compact Aster Red Alert Dumosus
Aster Compact Aster 'Woods Purple' Dumosus
Astilbe False Spirea Burgundy Red (G1)
Astilbe NEW False Spirea Milk and Honey (White) (G1)
Bellis English Daisy Pomponette Mix
Brunnera NEW Heartleaf Brunnera Jack Frost
Buddleia NEW Butterfly Bush Buzz Magenta
Buddleia NEW Butterfly Bush Buzz Midnight
Campanula Bellflower Clips Deep Blue
Clematis NEW Clematis Andromeda (Pink-white)
Clematis NEW Clematis Crater Lake (Blue)
Clematis NEW Clematis Fujimusume (Blue)
Clematis NEW Clematis Innocent Blush (Blush Pink)
Clematis NEW Clematis Innocent Glance (Blush Pink)
Clematis Clematis Jackmanii (Purple) #3
Clematis Clematis Multi Blue (Blue/Silver) #2
Clematis Clematis Niobe (Ruby-Red) #3
Clematis Clematis Red Cardinal (Crimson Red) #3
Clematis Clematis The President (Purple) #2
Clematis NEW Clematis Fall Sweet Summer Love (PW)
Coreopsis Threadleaf Coreopsis Big Bang Cosmic Eye
Coreopsis NEW Threadleaf Coreopsis Lightening Bug
Coreopsis Threadleaf Coreopsis Moonbeam
Coreopsis NEW Threadleaf Coreopsis Permathread Red Satin
Delphinium Delphinium, Larkspur Majic Fountain Sky Blue W/White Bud
Delphinium NEW Delphinium, Larkspur Million Dollar Blue
Delphinium NEW Delphinium, Larkspur Million Dollar Blush
Dianthus NEW Pinks Star Series - Fire Star
Dianthus Pinks Star Series - Spangled Star
Dianthus Pinks, Sweet William Indian Carpet Mix
Dianthus Pinks Pinocchio
Dicentra Spectabilis Bleeding Heart Pink
Digitalis NEW Foxglove Candy Mountain
Digitalis NEW Foxglove Sugar Plum
Echinacea Coneflower Magnus
Echinacea Coneflower Purpurea Purple
Echinacea NEW Coneflower Sombrero Adobe Orange
Echinacea NEW Coneflower Sombrero Lemon Yellow
Echinacea NEW Coneflower Sombrero Salsa Red
Fern - Athyrium NEW Japanese Painted Godzilla
Fern - Athyrium NEW Japanese Painted Lady in Red
Fern - Athyrium Japenese Painted Pictum (PPY2004)
Fern - Dryopteris Autumn Fern Brilliance
Gaillardia Blanket Flower Arizona Apricot Shades
Gaillardia Blanket Flower Arizona Sun
Geranium NEW Blanket Flower Dazzler
Grass-Calamagrostis Feather Reed Grass Karl Foerster (PPY2001)
Grass-Calamagrostis NEW Feather Reed Grass Overdam
Grass-Carex NEW Broad-leaved Sedge Banana Boat
Grass-Festuca NEW Blue Fescue Blue Whiskers
Grass-Phalaris arund. NEW Ribbon Grass Phalaris arund.
Grass-Schizachyrium NEW Little Bluestem Prairie Blues
Hemerocallis NEW False Sunflower Sunstruck (Verigated)
Hemerocallis NEW False Sunflower Tuscan Sun Proven Winner
Hemerocallis Daylily Stella De Oro (18" golden Yllw) EB
Heuchera NEW Coral Bells Obsidian
Heuchera NEW Coral Bells Peach Flambe
Heuchera NEW Coral Bells Silver Scrolls
Heucheralla NEW Foamy Bells Cascade Copper
Hibisucs NEW Perennial Hibiscus Summerific Cranbery Crush
Hibisucs NEW Perennial Hibiscus Summerific Perfect Storm PW
Hosta NEW Hosta, Plantain Lily Blue Angel (Blue)
Hosta Hosta, Plantain Lily Frances Williams
Hosta NEW Hosta, Plantain Lily Liberty
Hosta NEW Hosta, Plantain Lily Remember Me
Lamium Lamium Maculatum Beacon Silver
Lamium Lamium Maculatum White Nancy
Lavandula Lavender Munstead
Leucanthemum Shasta Daisy Becky (PPY2003)
Leucanthemum Shasta Daisy Silver Princess
Lewisia NEW Cliff Maids Elise Mix
Lonicera NEW Honeysuckle Mandarin
Lupinus Lupine Gallery Blue
Lupinus Lupine Gallery Red
Lupinus Lupine Gallery Yellow
Monarda NEW Bee Balm Balmy Pink
Monarda Bee Balm Blue Stockings
Monarda Bee Balm Gardenview Scarlet (Red)
Myosotis Forget-Me-Not Bluesylva
Pachysandra NEW Japanese Spurge Terminalis
Paeonia NEW Peony Sarah Bernhardt (Dble Pink)
Perovskia Russian Sage Atriplicifolia (PPY1995)
Phlox NEW Creeping Phlox Coral Eyes
Phlox Creeping Phlox Crimson Beauty
Phlox NEW Creeping Phlox Purple Beauty
Phlox Garden Phlox Flame Coral
Phlox NEW Garden Phlox Flame Light Pink
Phlox NEW Garden Phlox Swizzle
Primula Primrose Supernova Mix
Rudbeckia Black-eyed Susan Godstrum (PPY 1999)
Rudbeckia NEW Black-eyed Susan Cherry Brandy
Sagina Irish Moss Subulata Pearlwort (Deep Green)
Sagina Scotch Moss Aurea (Lime Green)
Salvia Meadow Sage, Salvia Caradonna
Salvia NEW Meadow Sage, Salvia May Night
Salvia NEW Meadow Sage, Salvia Blue Marvel
Sedum Sedum Upright Autumn Fire
Sedum Sedum Upright Autumn Joy
Sempervivum Hens & Chicks Hens and Chicks Mix
Thymus Creeping Thyme Red Creeping Coccineus
Trollius Globe Flower Gold Queen
Veronica Speedwell Baby Bomb
Vinca Vinca, Periwinkle Bowles Minor