Our annuals category contains plants and flowers that typically have a 1 year life cycle. Annual plants can offer great mixes of summer color and be used in flower beds or pots.

Items listed below subject to stock availability. This is the 2017 season list below.

* denotes seeded by Larry's Bellevue Gardens

Species Variety
Abutilon Yellow Finch
Ageratum Artist Blue
Ageratum Cloud Nine Blue (4-5')
Ageratum * Horizon Blue (18-24")
Alternanthera Burgundy Threadleaf
Alternanthera Party Time
Allyssum * Wonderland Deep Purple
Allyssum * Wonderland Deep Rose
Allyssum * Wonderland Lavender
Allyssum * Wonderland Mix
Allyssum * Wonderland White
Angelonia Angelface Blue (18-24")
Angelonia Angelface Perfectly Pink (18-30")
Argyranthemum Butterfly (yellow)
Argyranthemum Butterfly Honeybee White
Argyranthemum Reflection Pink
Asparagus Fern Sprengeri
Aster * Milady Mix (10")
Aster * Perfection Mix (30-36”)
Bacopa (Large leaf) Calypso Jumbo White
Bacopa (Small leaf) Scopia Great Pink Ring
Bacopa (Small leaf) Scopia Gulliver Blue
Bacopa (Small leaf) Scopia Gulliver White
Basket Grass-Oplismenus Basket Grass
Begonia Boliviensis Bossa Nova Pure White
Begonia Boliviensis Bossa Nova Red
Begonia Boliviensis Bossa Nova Rose
Begonia Boliviensis Santa Cruz Sunset
Begonia Reiger Baladin Rhine (Dp Red)
Begonia Reiger Barkos Rhine (Dp Red)
Begonia Reiger Batik Amstel (Orange blnd)
Begonia Reiger Berseba Rhine (Lilac/Pink)
Begonia Reiger Binos Pink
Begonia Reiger Blitz Amstel (Drk Yllw)
Begonia Reiger Brigitte Rhine (Orange)
Begonia Reiger Carneva (Org/Yllw)
Begonia Reiger Clara Amstsel (Wht)
Begonia Reiger Dark Britt (Light Orange-Med)
Begonia Reiger Dragone Dusty Rose
Begonia Reiger Dragone Sunset (Salmon Blnd)
Begonia Reiger Nadine (Y/O Tint)
Begonia Reiger Netja Dark Amstel (Rose/Pink Blnd)
Begonia Reiger Polly
Begonia Reiger Sandrine (Pink/Pch Blend)
Begonia Reiger Vermillion Red
Begonia Reiger Veronica (Red)
Begonia Rex Escargot
Begonia Rex Fedor
Begonia Rex Jive
Begonia Rex Red Tango
Begonia Rex Salsa
Begonia Specialty Big Big Bronze Leaf Red
Begonia Specialty Big Big Bronze Leaf Rose
Begonia Specialty Big Big Green Leaf Pink
Begonia Specialty Big Big Green Leaf Red
Begonia Specialty DW DragonWing Pink
Begonia Specialty DW DragonWing Red
Begonia Tuberous Non-Stop Deep Salmon
Begonia Tuberous Non-Stop Mocca Cherry
Begonia Tuberous Non-Stop Mocca Scarlet
Begonia Tuberous Non-Stop Mocca Yellow
Begonia Tuberous Non-Stop Orange
Begonia Tuberous Non-Stop Pink
Begonia Tuberous Non-Stop Red
Begonia Tuberous Non-Stop Rose Petticoat
Begonia Tuberous Non-Stop White
Begonia Tuberous Non-Stop Yellow
Begonia Tuberous Ill Illumination Golden Picotee
Begonia Tuberous Ill Illumination Lemon
Begonia Tuberous Ill Illumination Orange
Begonia Tuberous Ill Illumination Rose
Begonia Tuberous Ill Illumination Salmon Pink
Begonia Wax Ambassador GRN Mix
Begonia Wax Ambassador GRN Pink
Begonia Wax Ambassador GRN Scarlet
Begonia Wax Ambassador GRN White
Begonia Wax Cocktail Gin (Rose)
Begonia Wax Cocktail Mix
Begonia Wax Cocktail Vodka (Red)
Begonia Wax Cocktail Whiskey (White)
Bidens Beedance Red Stripe
Bidens Campfire Fireburst
Bidens Cupcake
Bidens Mexican Gold Improved
Brachycome Blue Zephyr
Bracteanthus Sundaze Golden Beauty
Browallia * Marine Bells
Calibrachoa Superbells Evening Star
Calibrachoa Superbells Grape Punch
Calibrachoa Superbells Hollywood Star
Calibrachoa Superbells Holy Moly
Calibrachoa Superbells Lemon Slice
Calibrachoa Superbells Pomegranite Punch
Calibrachoa Aloha Canary Yellow
Calibrachoa Aloha Hula Cherry
Calibrachoa Aloha Hula Hot Pink
Calibrachoa Aloha Hula Orange
Calibrachoa Aloha Hula Pastel Pink
Calibrachoa Aloha Soft Pink
Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Dark Red
Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Hot Orange
Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Hot Pink
Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Midnight Blue
Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Pineapple
Calibrachoa Aloha Kona White
Calibrachoa Aloha Tiki Soft Pink
Calibrachoa-Double MiniFamous Blue
Calibrachoa-Double MiniFamous Deep Yellow
Calibrachoa-Double MiniFamous Magenta
Celosia Armor Mix (12-16”)
Celosia Fresh Look Mix
Celosia Fresh Look Orange
Celosia Fresh Look Red
Celosia Fresh Look Yellow
Celosia New Look
Chenille Chenille
Chrysanthemum * Snowland Paludosum
Chrysanthemum * Yellow Buttons Multicaule
Chrysanthemum SPR Chelsey Coral
Chrysanthemum SPR Chelsey Yellow
Chrysanthemum SPR Cheryl Purple Regal
Chrysanthemum SPR Dawn Yellow
Chrysanthemum SPR GiGi Snow
Chrysanthemum SPR Hesti Hot Red
Chrysanthemum SPR Miranda Orange
Chrysanthemum SPR Wanda Lavender
Cleome * Queen Pink
Cleome * Queen White
Cleome Hybrid Queen Rosalita
Coleus Wizard Jade
Coleus Wizard Mosaic
Coleus Wizard Pastel
Coleus Wizard Rose
Coleus Wizard Scarlet
Coleus Wizard Sun Velvet Mix
Coleus Wizard Select Mix
Coleus LG Leaf Kong Empire Mix
Coleus LG Leaf Kong Lime Sprite
Coleus LG Leaf Kong Mosiac
Coleus LG Leaf Kong Red
Coleus Sun Alabama Sunset
Coleus Sun Dark Star
Coleus Sun Dipt in Wine
Coleus Sun Fire Fingers
Coleus Sun Flamingo
Coleus Sun Gay's Delight
Coleus Sun Kingswood Torch
Coleus Sun Lime Time
Coleus Sun Ox Blood
Coleus Sun Peter's Wonder
Coleus Sun Pineapple Beauty
Coleus Sun Pink Chaos
Coleus Sun Pistachio Nightmare
Coleus Sun Rustic Orange
Coleus Sun Twist and Twirl
Coleus Sun Trailers Trailing Plum
Coleus Sun Trailers Wedding Train Burgundy
Colocasia Heart of Jungle
Colocasia Illustris
Combo - Kombo Kombo Fire & Ice
Combo - Kombo Grape Expectations
Combo - Kombo Night In Pompeii
Combo - Kombo Kombo Pink Lemonade Mix
Combo - Trixi Combo Geisha Girl
Combo - Trixi Combo Nightfall
Cordyline Red Star
Cosmos * Sonata Carmine
Cosmos * Sonata Pink
Cosmos * Sonata White
Cuphea-Cigar Plant Vermiliionare
Cuphea-Heather Mexican Heather
Dahlberg Daisy * Golden Fleece
Dahlia Dahlinova California (Red/Yellow)
Dahlia Dahlinova Carolina
Dahlia Dahlinova Florida
Dahlia Dahlinova Lisa Burgundy
Dahlia Dahlinova Lisa Dark Pink
Dahlia Dahlinova Montana (Yellow)
Dahlia Dahlinova Texas Salmon Pink
Dahlia Tall Dalina Grande Cancun
Dahlia Tall Dalina Grande Emelio (O)
Dahlia Tall Dalina Grnd Mendoza
Dahlia Tall Dalina Grnd Romero (Y)
Dahlia Tall Dalina Grnd Tampico (R/W)
Dahlia Tall Dahlightful Lively Lavender
Dahlia Tall (36-48") Akita
Dahlia Tall (36-48") Peaches & Cream
Dahlia Tall (36-48") Vancouver
Datura * Ballerina Purple
Datura * Ballerina Yellow
Datura * Belle Blanche (Wht)
Dianthus * Ideal Select Rose
Dianthus * Ideal Select Salmon
Dianthus * Ideal Select Violet
Dianthus * Ideal Select White Fire
Dianthus * Super Parfait Raspberry
Diascia Flirtation Orange
Dichondra Silver Falls
Dorotheanthus/Aptenia Candy Apple (Maya)
Dorotheanthus/Aptenia Variegated (Mezoo)
Dracaena Spike (Trad Green)
Duranta Golden Edge
Dusty Miller * Silver Dust
Eupatorium Capillifolium Diamond Frost
Euphorbia Diamond Frost
Evolvulus Blue My Mind
Flowering Kale * Feather Series Red
Flowering Kale * Nagoya Mix (Heavily Fringed Leaves)
Flowering Cabbage * Osaka (Cmpact, Wavy Edge)
Flowering Kale * Peacock Red (Med-Tall Fringed Leaves)
Flowering Kale * Pigeon Red (Cmpact, Smth Edge)
Flowering Kale * Pigeon White (Cmpact, Smth Edge)
Flowering Kale * Redbor
Fuchsia Blue Eyes
Fuchsia Dark Eyes
Fuchsia Deep Purple
Fuchsia Dollar Princess
Fuchsia Gartenmeister (Upright)
Fuchsia Lambada
Fuchsia Lena
Fuchsia Marinka
Fuchsia Pink Marshmallow
Fuchsia Santa Clause
Fuchsia Southgate
Fuchsia Swingtime
Fuchsia Voodoo
Fuchsia Winston Churchill
Gaura Karalee Petite Pink
Gaura Stratosphere Pink Picotee
Gaura Stratosphere White
Gazania * Kiss Frosty Flame Mix
Gazania * Kiss Frosty Mix
Gazania * Kiss Mix (8-10”)
Geranium Hybrid Caliente Fire
Geranium Hybrid Caliente Rose
Geranium Hybrid Caliente Salmon Coral
Geranium Hybrid Calliope Large Burgundy
Geranium Hybrid Calliope Large Dark Red
Geranium Hybrid Calliope Large Scarlet Fire
Geranium Hybrid Calliope Med Crimson Flame
Geranium Hybrid Calliope Med Hot Pink
Geranium Hybrid Calliope Med Lavender Rose
Geranium Ivy Cascade White
Geranium Ivy Contessa Burgundy (Taj Mahal)
Geranium Ivy Contessa Burgundy Bicolor (Picasso)
Geranium Ivy/Zonal Americana Bright Red
Geranium Ivy/Zonal Americana Cherry Rose
Geranium Ivy/Zonal Americana Dark Red
Geranium Ivy/Zonal Americana Light Pink Splash
Geranium Ivy/Zonal Americana Mega Rose Splash
Geranium Ivy/Zonal Americana Rose Mega Splash
Geranium Ivy/Zonal Americana Violet
Geranium Ivy/Zonal Americana White
Geranium Ivy/Zonal Americana White Splash
Geranium Zonal Classic Dark Salmon
Geranium Zonal Mosaic Purple
Geranium Zonal Mosaic Red
Geranium Zonal Classic Pink (Blues)
Geranium Zonal Classic Salmon (Schoen Helena)
Geranium Zonal Tango
Geranium Zonal Tango Neon Purple
Geranium Zonal Spec Mrs Pollock
Geranium Zonal Spec Wilhelm Langguth
Geranium Regal Aristo Black
Geranium Regal Aristo Black Beauty
Geranium Regal Aristo Burgundy
Geranium Regal Aristo Candy
Geranium Regal Aristo Darling
Geranium Regal Aristo Lilac
Geranium Regal Aristo Pink
Geranium Regal Aristo Red Beauty
Geranium Regal Aristo Salmon
Geranium Regal Aristo Velvet Red
Geranium Regal Aristo White w/Eye
Geranium Regal Bermudas Cherry
Geranium Regal Bermudas Pink
Geranium Scented Citronella
Gerbera Jaguar Deep Orange
Gerbera Jaguar Deep Rose
Gerbera Jaguar Pink
Gerbera Jaguar Scarlet Shades/Dark Center
Gerbera Jaguar Tangerine Drk Center
Gerbera Jaguar Yellow
Gerbera Jaguar Yellow Dark Center
Gerbera Royal White w/Green Eye
Godetia * Satin Mix
Gomphrena Forest Pink
Gomphrena Ping Pong Purple
Grass Juncus Curly Wurly
Grass Juncus Blue Mohawk
Grass-Carex Toffee Twist
Grass-Cyperus Baby Tut
Grass-Cyperus Papyrus Prince Tut
Grass-Juncus Curly Wurly (12-18”)
Grass-Pennisetum Fireworks
Grass-Pennisetum Graceful Vertigo
Grass-Pennisetum Purple Fountain Grass
Grass-Pennisetum Sky Rocket
Grass-Scirpus Fiber Optic
Heliotrope Atlantis
Heuchera (Z5) Heureka Black Knight
Heuchera (Z5) Heureka Emerald Green
Heuchera (Z5) Heureka Sweet Princess
Hibiscus Tradewinds Bonaire Wind
Hibiscus Tradewinds Cayman Wind
Hibiscus Tradewinds Mandarin Wind
Hibiscus Tradewinds Orange Sunset Wind
Hibiscus Tradewinds Starry Wind
Hypoestes Splash Select Mix
Hypoestes Splash Select Pink
Hypoestes Splash Select Red
Hypoestes Splash Select White
Impatiens Accent Deep Orange
Impatiens Accent Deep Pink
Impatiens Accent Premium Mix
Impatiens Accent Red
Impatiens Accent Salmon
Impatiens Accent Violet
Impatiens Accent White
Impatiens Super Elfin Blue Pearl
Impatiens Super Elfin Lipstick
Impatiens Super Elfin Violet Starburst
Impatiens-Double Silhouette Cherry
Impatiens-Double Silhouette Purple
Impatiens-Double Silhouette Rose
Impatiens-Double Silhouette Salmon
Impatiens-Double Silhouette White
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Deep Purple
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Deep Red
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Light Lavender
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Light Pink
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Magic Pink
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Mango
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Orange
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Salmon
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Sweet Cherry
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Sweet Orange
Impatiens-New Guinea Sonic Sweet Purple
Impatiens-New Guinea Super Sonic Hot Pink
Impatiens-New Guinea Super Sonic Magenta
Impatiens-New Guinea Super Orange Ice
Impatiens-New Guinea Super Sonic Sweet Cherry
Impatiens-New Guinea Super Sonic White
Impatiens-Sun Compact Blush Pink
Impatiens-Sun Compact Electric Orange
Impatiens-Sun Compact Fire Red
Impatiens-Sun Compact Hot Coral
Impatiens-Sun Compact Lilac
Impatiens-Sun Compact Neon Pink
Impatiens-Sun Compact Orchid
Impatiens-Sun Compact Red
Impatiens-Sun Compact Royal Magenta
Impatiens-Sun Compact White Improved
Impatiens-Sun Spreading Carmine Red
Impatiens-Sun Spreading Clear White
Impatiens-Sun Spreading Corona
Impatiens-Sun Spreading Lavender
Impatiens-Sun Spreading Pink Kiss
Impatiens-Sun Spreading Scarlet Red
Impatiens-Sun Spreading Shell Pink
Ipomoe Ace of Spades
Ipomoe Blackie
Ipomoe Bronze
Ipomoe Marguerite
Ipomoe Sweet Caroline Light Green
Ipomoe Sweet Caroline Raven
Ipomoe Tricolor
Iresine Bloodleaf
Iresine Variegated Heart
Ivy English Few Varieties
Ivy German German Ivy
Ivy Swedish Green w/Purple Stem
Ivy Swedish Lemon Twist (Big Leaf w/Yellow Edge)
Kale Flowering Ornamental Varieties Available For Spring
Lantana Bandana Cherry
Lantana Bandana Cherry Sunrise
Lantana Bandana Lemon Zest
Lantana Evita Compact Red
Lantana Evita Yellow
Lantana Luscious Berry Blend
Lantana Luscious Citrus Blend
Laurentia * Starshine Blue
Linaria * Fantasy Magenta Rose
Linaria * Fantasy Spring Mix
Linaria * Fantasy Violet/Yellow Eye
Linaria * Fantasy Yellow
Lobelia (Border)* Riviera Blue Eyes (Blue/White)
Lobelia (Border)* Riviera Marine Blue (Drk Blue)
Lobelia (Border)* Riviera Rose
Lobelia (Border)* Riviera Sky Blue (Lt Blue)
Lobelia (Border)* Riviera White
Lobelia Trailing Techno Heat Dark Blue
Lobelia Trailing Techno Heat Electric Blue
Lobelia Trailing Techno Heat White
Lobularia (Sweet Alyssum) Blushing Princess
Lobularia (Sweet Alyssum) Dark Knight
Lobularia (Sweet Alyssum) White Knight
Lophospermum Compact Rose
Lophospermum Wine Red
Lysimachia Aurea
Mandevilla Alice DuPont
Mandevilla Bride's Cascade White
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Giant Crimson
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Org Crimson
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Org Pink
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Pretty Crimson
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Pretty Pink
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Pretty Red
Marigold * Gem Lemon
Marigold African * Antiqua Orange
Marigold African * Antiqua Yellow
Marigold African * Inca II Yellow
Marigold African * Perfection Orange
Marigold African * Perfection Yellow
Marigold African * Vanilla
Marigold French * Boy Mix
Marigold French * Boy Orange
Marigold French * Boy Yellow
Marigold French * Disco Marietta
Marigold French * Disco Mix
Marigold French * Disco Orange
Marigold French * Disco Red
Marigold French * Disco Yellow
Marigold French * Safari Bolero
Marigold French * Safari Tangerine
Marigold French * Safari Yellow
Marigold French * Safari Yellow Fire
Mecardonia Gold Dust
Melampodium Showstar
Mimulus * Magic Blotch Mix
Mimulus * Mystic Mix
Moonflower * Moon Flower
Morning Glory * Crimson Rambler
Morning Glory * Heavenly Blue
Morning Glory * Mini Bar Rose
Nemesia Blue Bird
Nemesia Sunsatia Blood Orange
Nemesia Sunsatia Cranberry
Nicotiana * Only the Lonely
Nicotiana Perfume Lime (10-12")
Nicotiana Saratoga Rose (10-12")
Nierembergia * Purple Robe
Ornamental Millet Purple Majesty
Ornamental Pepper Black Pearl
Ornamental Pepper Chili Chili
Osteo - Blazing Daisies Sunset Orange
Osteo - Flower Power Compact Yellow
Osteo - Flower Power Pink
Osteo - Flower Power Purple Red
Osteo - Flower Power White
Oxalis Bicolor
Oxalis Burgundy
Pachystachys Golden Shrimp Plant
Pansy Delta Fire
Pansy Delta Premium Beaconsfield
Pansy Delta Premium Blotch Mix
Pansy Delta Premium Deep Blue
Pansy Delta Premium Mix (Blotch & Clear)
Pansy Delta Premium Neon Violet
Pansy Delta Premium Pure Yellow
Pansy Delta Premium Rose w/ Blotch
Pansy Delta Premium White w/ Blotch
Pansy Delta Premium Yellow w/Blotch
Pansy Delta Premium Yellow w/Purple Wing
Pansy Delta Pure Red
Penstemon Phoenix Red
Penstemon Phoenix Violet
Pentas Butterfly Deep Rose (18-24")
Pentas Butterfly Deep Pink (18-24")
Pentas Butterfly Deep White (18-24")
Petunia Dreams Rose Morn (10-15")
Petunia Dreams White
Petunia Frost Cherry
Petunia Frost Velvet
Petunia Merlin Blue Morn (10-12")
Petunia Prism Sunshine
Petunia Tritunia Blue (12-14")
Petunia Tritunia Blue Star
Petunia Tritunia Blue Veined
Petunia Tritunia Burgundy
Petunia Tritunia Mix
Petunia Tritunia Pink
Petunia Tritunia Pink Veined
Petunia Tritunia Plum
Petunia Tritunia Red
Petunia Tritunia Red Star
Petunia Tritunia Rose
Petunia Tritunia Salmon
Petunia Tritunia Sky Blue
Petunia Tritunia White
Petunia Double * Pirouett Purple
Petunia Double * Pirouette Rose
Petunia Double Valentine (Red) (10-15")
Petunia Hybrid African Sunset (12Ht 32W)
Petunia Hybrid Amore Queen of Hearts
Petunia Hybrid Crazytunia Mamba Black
Petunia Hybrid Expresso Frappe Rose
Petunia Hybrid Night Sky
Petunia Mini Picobella Blue
Petunia Mini Picobella Carmine
Petunia Mini Picobella Light Lavender
Petunia Mini Picobella Red
Petunia Mini Picobella Salmon
Petunia Mini Picobella White
Petunia Trailer Easy Wave Blue
Petunia Trailer Easy Wave Burgundy Velour
Petunia Trailer Easy Wave Neon Rose
Petunia Trailer Easy Wave Plum Vein
Petunia Trailer Easy Wave Red Velour
Petunia Trailer Easy Wave Silver
Petunia Trailer Easy Wave Violet
Petunia Trailer Easy Wave White
Petunia Trailer Easy Wave Yellow
Petunia Trailer Shock Wave Coral Crush
Petunia Trailer * Wave Lavender
Petunia Trailer * Wave Purple
Petunia-Supertunia Bermuda Beach
Petunia-Supertunia Black Cherry
Petunia-Supertunia Bordeaux
Petunia-Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso
Petunia-Supertunia Priscilla (Dbl)
Petunia-Supertunia Raspberry Blast
Petunia-Supertunia Royal Velvet
Petunia-Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
Petunia-Supertunia Vista Fuchsia
Petunia-Supertunia Charm Indigo
Petunia-Supertunia Charm Orchid
Petunia-Supertunia Charm Rose Blast
Petunia-Supertunia Charm Sangria
Petunia-Supertunia Charm Violet Star
Petunia-Supertunia CH Daybreak
Petunia-Surfinia Sumo Bright Pink
Phlox Intensia Blueberry
Portulaca Porto Grande Magenta
Portulaca Sundial Fuchsia
Portulaca Sundial Gold
Portulaca Sundial Mix
Portulaca Sundial Orange
Portulaca Sundial Peppermint
Portulaca Sundial Scarlet
Portulaca Sundial White
Portulaca Sundial Yellow
Rudbeckia * Indian Summer
Rudbeckia * Praire Sun
Salpiglossis * Royale Mix
Salvia * Argent (White)
Salvia * Bonfire (26”)
Salvia * Evolution Violet
Salvia Sizzler Burgundy Halo
Salvia Sizzler Red
Salvia * Summer Jewel Pink
Salvia Hybrid Black & Blue
Salvia Hybrid Velocity Blue
Salvia-Texas Sage * Lady In Red
Sanvitalia * Mandarin Orange
Sanvitalia Sunbini
Scaveola Bombay Dark Blue
Scaveola Bombay White
Setcresea Purple
Setcresea Variegated
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Bronze
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Crimson
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Mix (16-18”)
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Rose Pink
Snapdragon Liberty Classic White
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Yellow
Snapdragon Rocket Gold
Snapdragon Rocket Mix (30-40")
Snapdragon Dwarf Montego Mix
Spider Plant-Airplane Variegated
Statice * Fortress Mix (24-30”)
Stocks * Midget Mix (Dwarf 8”)
Strawflower Helichrysum * Bright Bikini Mix
Streptocarpella Blue
Streptocarpella Light Blue
Streptocarpella Purple
Strobilanthes Persian Shield
Succulent-Aeonium Kiwi
Succulent Crassula Portulacea Hobbit (Ogre Ears)
Succulent Echeveria Perle Von Nurnburg
Succulent Echeveria Subsessilis Blue
Succulent Kalanchoe FlapJacks
Succulent Many Varieties
Succulent-Sedum Angelina
Succulent-Sedum Lemon Coral
Succulent-Sedum Tricolor
Succulent-Sedum Variegatum (lineare)
Succulent-Senecio Blue Chalk Sticks
Sunflower Helianthus * Big Smile (12-15")
Talinum Limon
Thunbergia Lemon A Peel
Thunbergia Orang A Peel
Torenia Heat Elite Mix (8”)
Torenia Hybrid SW Bouquet Blue
Torenia Hybrid SW Bouquet Gold
Torenia Hybrid SW Large Amethyst
Torenia Hybrid SW Large Blue
Verbena * Bonariensis
Verbena * Imagination
Verbena Obsession Blue w/Eye
Verbena Obsession Burgundy w/Eye
Verbena Obsession Coral w/Eye
Verbena Obsession Light Blue w/Eye
Verbena Obsession Red
Verbena Obsession White
Verbena Tuscany Pink Picotee
Verbena Trailer Lanai Blue Denim
Verbena Trailer Lanai Bright Pink
Verbena Trailer Lanai Candy Cane
Verbena Trailer Lanai Early Dark Red
Verbena Trailer Lanai Magenta
Verbena Trailer Lanai Peach
Verbena Trailer Lanai Royal Purple w/Eye
Verbena Trailer Lanai Scarlet w/Eye
Verbena Trailer Lanai Twister Pink
Verbena Trailer Lanai Twister Purple
Verbena Trailer Lanai White
Vinca Sunstorm Apricot
Vinca Sunstorm Purple
Vinca Sunstorm Deep Orchid
Vinca Sunstorm Deep Pink
Vinca Sunstorm Red Halo
Vinca Sunstorm White w/Eye
Vine Candy Corn Manettia
Vine Iboza Ciliatus
Vine Licorice Icicles
Vine Licorice Limelight
Vine Licorice Minus (Petite)
Vine Licorice Silver/White Petiolare
Vine Licorice Variegated (Splash)
Vine Lotus Berthelotii
Vine Wire Muehlenbeckia
Vine Vinca Major Expoflora (Ylw/Grn)
Vine Vinca Major Maculata (Grn)
Vine Vinca Major Variegated
Viola Penny Orange Jump Up
Viola Penny White Jump Up
Viola Sorbet Delft Blue
Viola Sorbet Fire
Viola Sorbet Lemon Parfait Mix
Viola Sorbet Midnight Glow
Viola Sorbet Phantom
Viola Sorbet Yellow Blotch
Wandering Jew Purple
Zinnia * Profusion Cherry
Zinnia * Profusion Double Mix
Zinnia * Profusion Orange
Zinnia * State Fair Mix (30-36”)